Works great! A great spreader with different adjustments depending on how wide you need the seed/fertilizer to be spread. Folds up for off season storage.

Great for seeds, fertilizer, sand & top soil. This light weight, manoeuvrable walk behind spreader is perfect for large spaces

Easy to use & operate with a spreading width of 22″ and a large 12 litre container for areas up to 10 000 sqft

Seed Spreader | Fertilizer Spreader | Lawn Seed Dispenser

Original price was: $199.Current price is: $169.


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Drop Spreader

Perfect for medium-sized areas that need precise application (such as heavily landscaped areas or tight curves).

  • Width: 22″
  • Capacity: 12 Litres
  • Coverage Area: 10 000 sqft
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Original price was: $199.Current price is: $169.

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Maximum Coverage and Accuracy

Use the drop fertilizer spreader to apply grass seed and fertilizer in spring, summer or fall. The large hopper holds up to 1000m2 | 10,000 sq. ft. of lawn care products.

Spreaders provide uniform coverage of granular products year-round. Without one, you may end up with an uneven application of fertilizer or control products that can result in an uneven feeding and weed, disease or insect control.

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Precision rate settings control panel to ensure accurate coverage. Multi stage controllable spread rate gives you full control. Built in baffle plate acts as a filter to help take the load off the spreading shaft. 



Heavy duty frame for optimum stability



22-inch spread pattern delivers maximum coverage and accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

Can you use this to spread salt?

Yes you can. As with fertilizer be sure to wash it real good when finished.

How wide is the spreader path?

 55cm | 22 inches

Is this product suitable to spread pre-emergent over half an acre?

It’s a great spreader and can be used it on well over an acre.


Is the setting for spreader easy for fertilizer?

Extremely easy, just by moving the device on the handle of the machine.


What is a Seed Spreader, and how can it benefit my lawn care routine?
A Seed Spreader is a gardening tool designed to evenly distribute seeds across your lawn. It benefits your lawn care routine by ensuring uniform seed coverage for healthier and more beautiful grass growth.
Can a Fertiliser Spreader be used for both liquid and granular fertilisers?
Yes, many Fertiliser Spreaders are versatile and can be used for both liquid and granular fertilisers, providing flexibility in your lawn maintenance.
Are Lawn Seed Dispensers suitable for small lawns, or are they primarily for larger areas?
Lawn Seed Dispensers are suitable for lawns of all sizes, making them a convenient tool for homeowners with both small and large outdoor spaces.
Do Seed Spreaders come in different sizes to accommodate various lawn sizes?
Yes, Seed Spreaders are available in different sizes and capacities to suit the needs of different lawn sizes, from small yards to extensive landscapes.
Can a Fertiliser Spreader also be used to distribute other lawn care products, like weed killers or insecticides?
Some Fertiliser Spreaders are versatile and can be used to distribute various lawn care products, including weed killers and insecticides.
How can I adjust the spreading width and rate when using a Lawn Seed Dispenser?
Many Lawn Seed Dispensers come with adjustable settings that allow you to control the spreading width and rate, giving you precise control over your lawn treatments.
Can I use a Seed Spreader to sow different types of seeds, such as grass, flowers, or vegetables?
Yes, a Seed Spreader is versatile and can be used to sow a variety of seeds, making it a handy tool for various gardening projects.
Are there Fertiliser Spreaders designed for specific types of fertilisers, such as organic or synthetic?
Yes, you can find Fertiliser Spreaders designed for specific types of fertilisers, including organic and synthetic options, to meet your lawn’s unique needs.
Can I use a Lawn Seed Dispenser to overseed my existing lawn to promote thicker grass growth?
Yes, a Lawn Seed Dispenser is an excellent tool for overseeding, helping you achieve a thicker and more lush lawn.
Are Seed Spreaders easy to clean after use, and how should I maintain them?
Seed Spreaders are generally easy to clean. After use, you should thoroughly rinse them with water and allow them to dry to prevent corrosion or clogging.
Do Fertiliser Spreaders come with ergonomic handles or features for comfortable use?
Many Fertiliser Spreaders are designed with ergonomic handles and features like padded grips to ensure comfortable and fatigue-free use.
Can I use a Lawn Seed Dispenser to spread grass seed in specific areas of my lawn, such as bare patches?
Yes, a Lawn Seed Dispenser allows for precise application, making it ideal for targeting specific areas, including bare patches, for grass seed distribution.
Are there Seed Spreaders with adjustable spread patterns, such as broadcast and drop spread?
Yes, some Seed Spreaders offer adjustable spread patterns, allowing you to choose between broadcast and drop spreading for different lawn care tasks.
Can a Fertiliser Spreader help me achieve a more even and lush lawn by ensuring proper fertiliser distribution?
Yes, a Fertiliser Spreader helps ensure even fertiliser distribution, leading to a healthier and more lush lawn.
Are Lawn Seed Dispensers suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners?
Yes, Lawn Seed Dispensers are user-friendly tools suitable for both experienced gardeners and beginners looking to achieve professional-looking results.
Can I use a Seed Spreader for reseeding my lawn during different seasons, or is it best for specific times of the year?
You can use a Seed Spreader for reseeding your lawn during various seasons, making it a versatile tool for year-round lawn care.
Are there eco-friendly Fertiliser Spreaders designed to minimize environmental impact?
Yes, some Fertiliser Spreaders are designed with eco-friendly features to reduce environmental impact while maintaining effective fertiliser distribution.
Can I use a Lawn Seed Dispenser for other gardening tasks, such as spreading mulch or soil amendments?
While primarily designed for seed distribution, some Lawn Seed Dispensers can be adapted for spreading mulch or soil amendments with proper adjustments.
Can a Seed Spreader help me save time and effort compared to manual seed sowing?
Yes, a Seed Spreader can significantly save you time and effort compared to manual seed sowing, especially for larger lawn areas.
Are there compact and portable Fertiliser Spreaders for smaller gardens or container gardening?
Yes, you can find compact and portable Fertiliser Spreaders suitable for smaller gardens and container gardening, offering convenience and ease of use.
Seed Spreader: Sow the Seeds of Success with a Fertiliser Spreader

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your green journey, a reliable Seed Spreader is a tool you shouldn’t overlook. This unassuming device can make a world of difference in your gardening efforts, ensuring an even distribution of seeds and fertilizers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Seed Spreaders, explore their benefits, and guide you on how to use them effectively. So, let’s sow the seeds of success with a Fertiliser Spreader, also known as a Lawn Seed Dispenser.

1. The Essential Role of a Fertiliser Spreader:

A Seed Spreader, or Fertiliser Spreader, is a garden tool designed to evenly distribute seeds, fertilizers, and other granular materials over your lawn or garden. Its primary purpose is to simplify and streamline the process of seeding or fertilizing large areas, ensuring uniform coverage.

2. Benefits of Using a Lawn Seed Dispenser:

a. Even Distribution: The most significant advantage of using a Seed Spreader is its ability to uniformly distribute seeds and fertilizers across your lawn or garden. This prevents over- or under-application, resulting in healthier, more consistent growth.

b. Time and Labor Savings: Hand-sowing seeds or manually spreading fertilizers can be time-consuming and physically demanding, especially for large areas. A Seed Spreader makes the task faster and less strenuous.

c. Reduced Waste: With precise control over the dispensing rate, Seed Spreaders help minimize waste by preventing excessive use of seeds or fertilizers.

d. Improved Results: Consistent application of seeds and fertilizers leads to healthier, lusher lawns and more productive gardens.

3. Types of Seed Spreaders:

There are two main types of Seed Spreaders:

a. Broadcast Spreaders: These spreaders disperse seeds or fertilizers in a wide, fan-like pattern, making them ideal for large, open areas.

b. Drop Spreaders: Drop spreaders release materials directly beneath the spreader, creating a controlled, even line. They are perfect for precise application in smaller spaces or along borders.

4. How to Use a Seed Spreader:

Using a Seed Spreader effectively requires a few simple steps:

a. Calibration: Start by calibrating your spreader according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This ensures the correct dispensing rate.

b. Fill the Hopper: Add the seeds or fertilizers to the hopper, being careful not to overfill it.

c. Adjust the Settings: Set the spreader to the desired rate, which can typically be adjusted using a dial or lever.

d. Start Spreading: Begin walking in straight lines across your lawn or garden, overlapping slightly to ensure complete coverage. Engage the spreader as you walk.

e. Finish and Clean: When you’re finished, turn off the spreader, and empty any remaining material back into the bag or container. Rinse the spreader thoroughly to prevent corrosion.

5. Conclusion: Sow the Seeds of Success

A Seed Spreader, or Fertiliser Spreader, is an indispensable tool for any gardener looking to achieve uniform and efficient seeding and fertilizing. With its ability to save you time and effort while delivering excellent results, it’s an investment that pays off in healthier lawns and more bountiful gardens. So, embrace the convenience and precision of a Seed Spreader and watch your green spaces flourish like never before.


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