Filled it with water and smoothed out my lawn of bumps and troughs caused by a truck passage during a rainstorm.

The push / pull hand garden roller of coated metal is a robust, handy tool which can be filled with sand or water
For user-friendly filling with water or sand there is a closable opening on the side. A dirt wiper which can be adjusted on both sides produces a neat result.

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The push/tow lawn roller is ideal for flattening uneven ground, and for packing down newly sown seed or sod. It can be filled with water or sand.

Lightweight when empty is easy for transport and storage. The steel drum has rolled rounded edges for the best rolling results that will not damage your lawn when turning.

This lawn roller has easy conversion for versatility and convenience. 



The sturdy garden roller holds up to 15.8 gallons of water or sand. It weighs 155 pounds when filled with water and 230 pounds when filled with sand.


Leveling uneven ground before planting; Rolling lawn after seeding speeds up growth; Removing air pockets so roots contact soil; Eliminating lawn damage from moles and frost.


The hand lawn roller is made of steel and the surface is spray-treated, so you don’t need to worry about water leakage. The surface of the roller is spray-treated to prevent rust and prevent dents.


The scraper bar above drum keeps roller free from dust, water or debris that may be stuck to the barrel. The rounded poly drum ends won’t leave ruts in your lawn while rolling.


The top handle come with circle of sponge which reduce hand pressure and fatigue, prevent hand injuries, and make work easier.
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Push Pull Lawn Roller

How can lawn rollers improve the look of my yard?
Lawn rollers can create a smooth, uniform lawn surface by leveling the soil and packing down the grass for a pristine appearance.
Are hand garden rollers suitable for smaller yards and garden beds?
Yes, hand garden rollers are perfect for smaller yards and garden beds, making lawn maintenance a breeze.
Can grass rollers help eliminate unsightly bumps and uneven surfaces in my lawn?
Absolutely! Grass rollers are designed to flatten uneven terrain, leaving your lawn smooth and aesthetically pleasing.
Are lawn rollers useful for creating professional-looking sports fields and golf greens?
Yes, lawn rollers are commonly used to create professional sports fields and golf greens, ensuring a perfect playing surface.
Can I use hand garden rollers for seeding and overseeding my lawn?
Yes, hand garden rollers are ideal for ensuring good seed-to-soil contact, promoting successful seeding and overseeding.
Are grass rollers effective at packing down sod after laying new grass?
Yes, grass rollers are perfect for pressing down sod to establish strong root-to-soil contact for newly laid grass.
Can I find lawn rollers with different weight options to suit various lawn sizes?
Yes, lawn rollers come in various weight options, allowing you to choose the right one for your lawn’s size and requirements.
Can hand garden rollers be used to improve the soil structure in my garden?
Hand garden rollers can help improve soil structure by compacting it, which enhances its ability to retain moisture and nutrients.
Do grass rollers help prevent soil erosion in my garden?
Yes, grass rollers can help prevent soil erosion by compacting the soil and keeping it in place.
Can lawn rollers assist in achieving a more professional look for my home's landscape?
Absolutely! Lawn rollers create that professional, manicured appearance that enhances your home’s curb appeal.
Are hand garden rollers easy to store and transport when not in use?
Yes, hand garden rollers are typically compact and easy to store or transport, making them a convenient tool for gardeners.
Can grass rollers be used to prepare a firm surface for outdoor activities and gatherings?
Yes, grass rollers provide a stable surface for outdoor activities and gatherings, ensuring your lawn is up to the task.
Where can I find high-quality lawn rollers that are both durable and reliable?
Look for reputable retailers or online stores known for their selection of high-quality lawn rollers that are durable and reliable.
Can hand garden rollers be used for packing down loose gravel in pathways and driveways?
Yes, hand garden rollers are versatile tools that can be used for packing down loose gravel in pathways and driveways.
Can grass rollers help improve the effectiveness of lawn fertilizers and nutrients?
Yes, grass rollers improve fertilizer and nutrient absorption by ensuring they make good contact with the soil.
Do lawn rollers have water-filled options to adjust their weight according to my needs?
Yes, many lawn rollers come with a water-filled design that allows you to adjust their weight to meet your specific needs.
Are hand garden rollers a useful tool for pressing down and securing garden edging and borders?
Hand garden rollers are indeed useful for securing garden edging and borders, keeping them in place.
Can I use grass rollers to create attractive patterns and designs in my lawn?
Yes, grass rollers can be used to create patterns and designs in your lawn for added visual appeal.
How do lawn rollers help with lawn aeration and soil compaction?
Lawn rollers aid in soil compaction, which can improve lawn aeration by reducing soil pore space and preventing thatch buildup.
Are hand garden rollers an environmentally friendly choice for gardening and lawn care?
Yes, hand garden rollers are an eco-friendly option, as they don’t require fuel or electricity and are a sustainable choice for garden maintenance.
Can you fill the steel push lawn roller with sand?

You can fill it but it’s meant for easy pick up and move when it’s empty. Filling with sand instead of water can be harder to empty and store when finished.

How heavy is the metal lawn roller filled with water?


Can you use this to stripe a lawn?


Could you use this to flatten asphalt patch?

Only if the asphalt is not moist or sticky. It must be dry or it will adhere to the roller.

Will this flatten ruts from tyres?


Hand Garden Roller: A Guide to Perfectly Manicured Lawns

A lush, green lawn is a symbol of pride for any homeowner. To achieve that perfect look, you need the right tools, and one of the most useful tools in your lawn maintenance arsenal is the hand garden roller. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of hand garden rollers, their benefits, and how they help you achieve the ideal lawn you’ve always wanted.

1. The Versatility of Hand Yard Rollers

Hand garden rollers, also known as grass rollers or lawn rollers, are a versatile tool for lawn care. These manual devices are designed to flatten, level, and compact the soil, creating a smooth surface for a pristine lawn.

2. Why Choose a Hand Grass Roller?

**a. Leveling and Compaction: Uneven and loose soil can result in an uneven lawn surface. A hand garden roller helps to level the ground and compact the soil, promoting healthy grass growth.

b. Seedbed Preparation: Before seeding your lawn, rolling the soil with a garden roller creates an ideal seedbed, ensuring good seed-to-soil contact for better germination.

c. Weed Control: Rolling can help suppress weeds by compacting the soil and preventing weed seeds from taking root.

d. Aesthetic Appeal: A well-rolled lawn not only enhances the overall look of your landscape but also provides a comfortable surface for various activities.

3. Types of Push Lawn Rollers

There are different types of hand garden rollers available:

a. Solid Drum Rollers: These are filled with water or sand for added weight, providing excellent compaction.

b. Spike Drum Rollers: Equipped with spikes or aerating holes, these rollers not only flatten but also aerate the soil.

4. How to Use a Push Pull Garden Roller

Using a hand garden roller is easy:

a. Fill the Drum: If it’s a water or sand-filled roller, fill it to the desired weight. For spike drum rollers, no filling is required.

b. Roll the Lawn: Push the roller back and forth over the lawn, overlapping each pass slightly. For leveling purposes, roll in one direction, and for compaction, roll in a crisscross pattern.

c. Lawn Maintenance: Roll your lawn in the spring or early summer when the ground is soft and the grass is actively growing.

5. Maintenance and Storage

Hand garden rollers require minimal maintenance. Rinse off dirt and debris after each use and allow them to dry before storing in a cool, dry place.

6. Conclusion: Your Path to a Beautiful Lawn

A well-maintained lawn is not just a reflection of your commitment to your property but also a source of pride. The hand garden roller is an essential tool that can help you achieve a lush, healthy, and perfectly manicured lawn. Whether you’re looking to level your ground, prepare a seedbed, or simply improve your lawn’s aesthetics, a hand garden roller is a valuable addition to your gardening toolkit.



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