Rolling Lawn Aerator | Lawn Aerator Roller

Really impressed with this and will use it every season to attack my moss filled lawn. After three months use and work, getting my lawn greener, more weed free and looking splendid. I had a previous aerator with sprung spikes and this one is much, much better.

A fast & efficient way to keep your lawn aerated. The most easy to use & effective rolling lawn aerator

The premier walk-behind 12″ wide spike lawn aerator is fitted with x30 hardened steel 2″ spikes


Rolling Lawn Aerator | Lawn Aerator Roller


(10 customer reviews)


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  • Large 12″ width covers your lawn quickly and easily.
  • Thirty 2″ spikes provide deep and even aeration.
  • Helps lawn to breathe, encouraging deep root growth and a lush, green lawn.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Weight 7lbs
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Grass is a living thing that needs air and water to grow. Regular mowing and other outdoor activities in the garden during the summer months lead to compaction in the surface layer of the lawn.

The 12″ rolling lawn aerator provides a fast and efficient way to keep your lawn aerated, helping the lawn to breathe and take in essential nutrients.

It has thirty 2″ spikes which penetrate the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots, encouraging deeper root growth and a lush, green lawn.

The aerator is very easy to use and easy to follow assembly instructions are included with the product.



The rolling lawn aerator will have your lawn looking better in no time. Aeration loosens the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the root system. The best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring, because it opens up the compacted soil brought on by cold winters. This will allow your lawn to grow strong and healthy, giving your lawn that professionally groomed look that you have been wanting. The Rolling Lawn Aerator will last you for years to come with proper care and use.



Simply push and go


The large 12″ width enables you to cover your lawn quickly and easily, and the thirty 45mm (2″) spikes provide deep and even aeration. Best used as part of your lawn care routine in Spring and Autumn. For best results, use when the ground is soft.
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Push Pull Lawn Roller

What type of handle is this, a stick handle?

The handle is metal single shaft.

Does this fill with water?

No, it does not fill water.

How much does it weigh

It weighs approximately 7lbs

Do you push this aerator? Can it be filled with water to increase the downward pressure of the aerating tines?

Yes, you have to push it. It cannot be filled with water, but if you water first, the nails are very sharp and can puncture the ground easily.

10 reviews for Rolling Lawn Aerator | Lawn Aerator Roller

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    easy to use when ground is wet plus areas it has been used now drying out.

  2. ef3557de8339a792ea7907e2a0f56a04?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Great value and easy to use gives good aeration to lawns

  3. 092f822e4dacf66fb01a11c625ecd5b7?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    This rolling aerator did exactly what I needed it to do so I could plant grass seeds.

  4. 678c51a9dd84fa6a9f79606d1e7c00c9?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Good push aerator with sharp spike, deep tines that go far into the soil. Easy to use if you push the crossbar into your midriff and apply pressure down on the handle as you push it along. I’m using it a lot.

  5. ad13f4014ed148ae33838bcfd807ba1a?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    It work great on a soft ground with a little push and the area is soft….good lawn spike aerator

  6. 7e77054ec4e5453e88f282149d997e21?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Very easy to uses. Did exactly what I wanted it for to aerate my lawn. Easy storage too. Very happy with this rolling lawn spike aerator.

  7. 630535ec00479f9dc4c374e72b41cd37?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    A lot more sturdier than I thought it would be, quite a good work out just pushing it around the garden!

  8. b752398cd6de1a3d356a04c25a9c516e?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Glad i found this great tool it save buying a bunch of 6inch nails and lump of board to tie to my boots. Its robust and sturdy and quality for the money

  9. fa10c20fea5763f589fcf684d4fe8219?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Prior to investing in this rolling lawn aerator I would aerate my lawn with a garden fork. This was hard work and quiet tedious chore. This makes this job a joy, so much easier, light weight and just perfect for what I need.

  10. 810d071e5f604277a3e62906cab66052?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Brilliant product easy to assemble and easy to use on the lawn

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