I bought these for my husband who was forever cutting his arms gardening but who refuses to wear gloves. They do the trick, preventing the bloodied forearms without making him wear gloves.

Heavy duty Garden Sleeves provides protection from wrist to elbow & slide easily over garden gloves

Soft cotton elasticized cuffs hold the garden sleeve comfortably in place


Sleeves For Gardening | Garden Sleeves

40cm long | 20cm wide at the top of the arm




There are few things more irritating than trying to prune an overgrown prickly plant.

These gardening arm sleeves made of tough breathable ballistic nylon – will protect your forearms from thorns, plant poisons, all kinds of skin irritations, and harmful UV rays.

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Comes in dark green (does not include gloves)


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sleeves for gardening

Full Arm Protection

These gardening- protective sleeves protect your forearms from thorns, plant poisons, all kinds of skin irritants.

Made Tough To Last & Protect

These gardening sleeves are made from tough breathable ballistic nylon.
gardening sleeves to protect arms
gardening protective sleeves
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Gardening Protective Sleeves

What are Sleeves For Gardening used for?
Sleeves For Gardening, also known as Garden Sleeves or Arm Sleeve Protection, are used to protect your arms while working in the garden. They provide a barrier against scratches, insect bites, UV rays, and other potential hazards, ensuring a comfortable and safe gardening experience.
How do Garden Sleeves enhance my gardening experience?
Garden Sleeves, interchangeably referred to as Sleeves For Gardening or Arm Sleeve Protection, enhance your gardening experience by providing full-arm protection. They keep your arms clean, shield them from thorns and irritants, and offer sun protection, allowing you to garden comfortably and confidently.
Can Arm Sleeve Protection be easily worn and removed?
Yes, Arm Sleeve Protection, also known as Sleeves For Gardening or Garden Sleeves, are designed for easy wearing and removal. They typically have stretchy, elastic cuffs that stay in place while providing a snug fit for comfort and convenience.
What are the advantages of using Sleeves For Gardening?
Using Sleeves For Gardening, also interchangeably called Garden Sleeves or Arm Sleeve Protection, offers several advantages. They protect your arms from various outdoor hazards, reduce the need for sunscreen, and help keep your clothing clean during gardening tasks.
Are Garden Sleeves available in different sizes to fit various arm lengths?
Yes, Garden Sleeves are available in various sizes to fit different arm lengths. It’s important to choose the right size for a comfortable and secure fit while gardening.
Can Arm Sleeve Protection be used for other outdoor activities besides gardening?
Yes, Arm Sleeve Protection, also known as Sleeves For Gardening or Garden Sleeves, can be used for various outdoor activities. They are versatile and suitable for activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, and more, where arm protection is needed.
Can Sleeves For Gardening protect against UV rays and sunburn?
Yes, Sleeves For Gardening offer UV protection and help prevent sunburn on your arms. They are an excellent alternative or addition to sunscreen when spending extended periods in the sun.
Are Garden Sleeves made of breathable materials to keep arms cool?
Yes, many Garden Sleeves are made of breathable materials that help keep your arms cool and comfortable while gardening. They wick away sweat and allow air circulation, preventing overheating.
Can Arm Sleeve Protection be washed and reused?
Yes, Arm Sleeve Protection can typically be washed and reused. Check the product instructions for care guidelines, but most garden sleeves are machine washable, making them a practical and economical choice.
Can using Sleeves For Gardening make my gardening tasks more enjoyable and worry-free?
Yes, using Sleeves For Gardening, also interchangeably referred to as Garden Sleeves or Arm Sleeve Protection, can make your gardening tasks more enjoyable and worry-free. They provide peace of mind by offering protection against various outdoor elements, allowing you to focus on your gardening without distractions.
Would these protect against cactus needles?

We wouldn’t expect them to protect against punctures from cactus needles unless one is very careful. They are excellent, however, for protecting against scratches when weeding under bushes like rosemary & bougainvilleas.

Would these hold up for use in working on motors and stuff. Husband is a mechanic and on blood thinners. His arms look terrible!

We believe they would help with protecting his skin from small tears on sharp bolts and engine edges.


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